Mooirivier Surroundings

- Spectacular view of the River Overijsselse Vecht -


Total relaxation
New information must be absorbed gradually. The best place for this to happen is outdoors, particularly in the immediate surroundings of Mooirivier Congreshotel. Moments of total relaxation are of utmost importance during multi-day conferences, however it can be quite difficult to achieve this state of relaxation. The sense of the outdoors experienced by Mooirivier’s guests, the River Vecht and the magnificent landscape clears the mind and strengthens concentration levels.

The property offers many facilities: sports fields, supervised climbing activities, canoeing, open-air theatre and a large camp-fire site. Even if the weather turns, you can still enjoy the surroundings by going on a brisk hike along the river.

The numerous possibilities for outdoor activities, both on our property or beyond, reinforce team spirit and contribute to an extraordinary experience.