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Environment and sustainability
Kapellerput is a green conference hotel in the broadest sense of the word, as it pays great attention to the environment and sustainability. For example, we use the best regional products, serve socially and ecologically responsibly produced coffee and we use 100% green energy. Kapellerput is developing an 'Inspiration Forest' at its estate. Here our guests can plant their own tree. Since spring 2009, Kapellerput has held the impressive environmental accreditation, the golden Green Key.

Conference Hotel
Art and design are inextricably bound to our conference hotel. These inspirational sources make Kapellerput a unique place to stay. Inspired by art exhibitions and the unusual designs of numerous artists, we have created the unique Inspirator Beer, which has been specially brewed for Kapellerput. Food designer Franke Elshout has developed 'taste mills', with five combinations, one for each taste: sweet, sour, salt, bitter and umami. Our chef uses all of these tastes in his excellent dishes. The surroundings offer space, tranquillity and inspiration so you can benefit as much as possible from your visit.

Numerous possibilities
Many of our guests have ambitious objectives. This means focussing, putting in long hours and making big effort. Logically, you also want to relax once in a while. Kapellerput offers numerous possibilities to do so. How about an invigorating tai chi session or a relaxed guided walk through the forests surrounding the conference hotel and the Strabrecht Heath? For a more active break there’s also the 12 metre high ropes course or one of the other meeting breaks: herding sheep, fencing or a bicycle ride on our trendy Inspirer Cruiser bikes or Segway. Whatever you choose, you will truly be getting away from it all.