Figi Surroundings

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Figi Hotel Theatre and Slot Zeist are surrounded by monumental old parks and are located near the natural reserves Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Kromme Rijn. De Utrechtse Heuvelrug is a perfect hiking and cycling area. You can enjoy hiking, cycling and jogging on a lateral moraine created during the Ice Age, through the heath, along castles and estates, through river forelands and forests.

History of Zeist
The city of Zeist is centrally located, and it has an interesting city centre and magnificent historic buildings. The well-known Slot Zeist is situated at the beginning of the Slotlaan (avenue), one of the largest and best-known shopping streets in Zeist. Figi is a stone's throw away from the Slot, opposite the city hall. Zeist breathes history. A five minute walk from Figi to Slot Zeist, leads you through five centuries of history. A tour around the historic buildings and the 17th century Slot Zeist is definitely worthwhile. In 1745, the Morovians (an Evangelic Brotherhood) received permission from the Lord of Zeist, Cornelis Schellinger, to establish themselves in the gardens of Slot Zeist. This is where the two squares Broeder and Zusterplein (brother and sister square) were built. The squares are now on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of their cultural value.

In Slot Zeist can also pause your event by walking through the beautiful, English style, landscaped parks and gardens where the ancient beeches dominate the area. Be inspired by this environment, it is full of nature and culture!