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- Surprisingly versatile -


Family Company
Figi & Slot Zeist is a family company with a team of 150 employees, who all enjoy organising the events at our accommodation and welcoming our guests in a unique and personal way.

Fairtrade Horeca Predicate
A company like ours, which is committed to using high quality products on a daily basis, understands that it is not possible to predict the future. Sustainability fits in that vision. Since opening, we have served more than five million cups of Fairtrade coffee. This month, we are the first company in the Netherlands to receive the Fairtrade Horeca Predicate from the Max Havelaar Foundation. Our restaurant is the second one in the Netherlands that is MSC certified. The Marine Stewardship Council is a fishery certification programme and seafood eco label, which was founded by the WWF and Unilever, and that is aimed at sustainable fishing.

Hear, see and taste
You can hear, see and taste the versatility of our company. We have been organising concerts at the Figi since 1925. The interior of Figi was designed by the Parisian designer duo Ravage. This year, Creative Perfumers from London, developed an exclusive Figi perfume with a non intrusive, subtle scent that provides a new dimension to the Figi experience. Hearing, seeing and tasting: we all experience it. The outdoors also offers you the possibility to sharpen your senses. Zeist and it green surroundings will inspire you and your guest, time after time.