Figi Hotel Theatre

- Surprisingly versatile -

From Patisserie to Hotel
In 1850, a pastry cook started a patisserie in Zeist. In doing so, without knowing at that time, he formed the basis for a hotel, theatre and congress centre. For on that exact spot, 160 years later, around 450,000 guests now visit the place to enjoy a multitude of activities. At Figi Hotel Theatre you can attend a congress or visit theatre, stay at the hotel, dine at the restaurant or simply have a beer in the theatre café. Since March this year, the number of possibilities at this hotel has increased even further. The municipality of Zeist has let the seventeenth century Slot Zeist to Figi Hotel Theatre. Slot Zeist is a magnificent location with unique style rooms and well-equipped meeting rooms, perfectly suited to parties, dining and business meetings.

Situated in the centre of the unique, hilly, Green Heart of the Netherlands, both locations are available for diverse types of conferences and meetings.

Figi Hotel Theatre and Slot Zeist - used together or independently - are excellent accommodations for a combination of activities. From big events to intimate parties: we are surprisingly versatile.