De Ruwenberg Surroundings

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A lot of activities to choose from
Welcome to Sint Michielsgestel, a beautiful, authentic village in Brabant. The Dutch say 'life is good in the country of Brabant'. In Sint Michielsgestel itself and in the surrounding countryside, you will find a green and varied landscape with woods, heaths, pastures, lakes and the River De Dommel. Discover old farmhouses, castles and rural estates, dotted around the countryside. You can enjoy hiking, cycling, playing tennis, having a game of golf, swimming and other water sports. Not forgetting the chance to enjoy the historic city of 's-Hertogenbosch with its many culinary, historic and cultural specialities.
Delightful dining
The many cafés, from the traditional, small pubs to the fashionable Grand Cafés, have a true Burgundian character. You can literally and figuratively taste that atmosphere. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants in the area. In 's-Hertogenbosch you can find these near the market square and the square 'de Parade' in particular.