blooming Events

- An incomparable hotel experience -


Endless possibilities

A blooming event is an event that will stick in your mind. We know how to inspire and enthuse groups of people like no other hotel does. A culinary workshop, a team building weekend with new colleagues, an outdoor adventure with your business relations - the possibilities and variations are endless.

100% yours

We can invent, develop and fulfil concepts for our blooming events. Of course you can always just use our experience, ideas and programmes to let your event take place where and whenever you like. This is what we call 'blooming - 100% yours'.

65 years of experience

Thanks to 65 years of experience, blooming has a wealth of ideas and creativity. Based on that experience, and in collaboration with you, we will come up with the details of your event. What do you expect? Who are your guests? And what do you want to achieve? This approach gives every blooming event a personal touch, a unique character. If you want to, we will even invent a completely new concept.

Surprise, inspiration and adventure are our key aims. blooming guarantees the perfect synergy between fun and functionality and is constantly reinventing itself. blooming inspires and lets you enjoy yourself. We're cheeky and down-to-earth.